The Turkish Embassy officials refused to take the letter that have been prepared to send to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After that United Cyprus Party delegation sent the letter from Kaymaklı Post office in Nicosia. United Cyprus Party’s press conference had been tried to prevent by the hundreds of police. But United Cyprus Party delegation did not get step back. And at the result The General Secretary İzzet İzcan had a speech at the entrance of Turkish Embassy.İzcan, “We strongly protest the fascist and despotic understanding which trying to prevent by cutting the ways across with hundreds of police bumps against our 10 people delegation and Turkish Embassy officials who refused to take our letter for sending to Mr. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. There is no difference between the oppressive regime in Turkey and the regime in northern part of Cyprus. Hundreds of patriotic and progressive both Turkish and Kurdish citizens have launched a hunger strike against the anti- democratic and repressive regime. These hunger strikes have turned to the death fast. We will be together with our brothers and will stand on to struggle with them” said.And also İzcan, “The fascist regime and their representatives can’t decide where we have the press conference and which way we use to pass. We never submit this understanding. The Turkish people and progressives who struggle for a democratic and free Turkey are our brothers and sisters. To end AKP’s fascism both in Turkey and Cyprus we stand on our common struggle decisively” said.The letter which was refused to take by Turkish embassy officials read by Organizations Secretary Abdullah Korkmazhan at the entrance of Turkish Embassy. The full text of the letter is like that. Mr. Recep Tayyip ErdoğanPrime Minister The Republic of Turkey “The initiated and recyclable hunger strike of Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey which have started on September 12 has entered 55th day.The number of hunger strike condemned is increasing every day. Prisoners are sent in single cells and they have lived in the heavy conditions of isolation and they have been made torture.We underline that we support political prisoners hunger strike which is in 49th day and their struggle which is for using fundamental human rights such as education in mother tongue and having defense in mother tongue, for eliminating isolations and pressures, starting dialogue and negotiation process with all components and leader ship of Kurdish movement, demand of finding just and lasting solution for the Kurdish issue.Your government repressive practices to the politicians, trade unionists, journalists and intellectuals who are against with your policy arrested and sent to the jail within the frame work of the Law of Fight against Terrorism. Do not expression respect of freedom of thought is unacceptable. The Kurdish issue is applied unsolved and further deepens on liquidating; being other and pro-war policies. As United Cyprus Party, we strongly fulfill the demands of the political prisoners who are in indefinite hunger strike, starting dialogue and negotiation process with all components and leader ship of Kurdish movement. We also, demand finding just and lasting solution for the Kurdish issue, released the prisoners who are arrested in an arbitrary manner and throwing the steps in the direction of Turkey’s democratization rapidly.We draw attention that, in case of not to dispose the steps which are needed to end indefinite hunger strike and not to fulfill the demands of prisoners, deaths which will be take place will be AKP’s government responsibility. And also, we invite you to take action for positive steps earlier possible.