On behalf of my party United Cyprus Party I would like to thank you for your kind invitation to Berlin and wish you a very succesful meeting. We strongly belive that all taken decsicions in this building will shine a light to the European Left.


Dear Comrades,


We all know that our country Cyprus has been wounded for so many years and this wound keeps bleeding and brings tears to the Cypriot Community. Aty the moment in the region there is a very big fight going on,especially in Syria and Iraq. Anew imperialist design in the North of Africa and the Middle East brings slavery instead of freedom.On the other hand, there are a lot of proplems running in Turkey. I am sure our Turkish Comrades will give you a vide explenation about the Turkey’s poletical and democratical situation. In addition, a nuclear power plant AKKUYU near City  of Mersin  is going to be built which posesses a very big danger to the community’s health and peace. T he power plant will be only a 90 km away from Cyprus. Any leakage will directly affect us. Our tiny island is not powerful enough to stand against Turkey and its decisions.


Please allow me to give you a brief information about Cyprus Issues. I am sorry to tel you that the intercommunal talks between two leaders is collapsed, the reason being Turkey Navtex. Turkey has not only interfered with sovereignty of Cyprus via Navtex, but has tried to spoil agreements between the Repuplic of Cyprus and the  Drilling Companies. The capacity of oil and gas is not clear at the moment,eventhough Turkey wants to be a share holder of the sources and also be a key stone of the transport. the  former leader Mr Talat and Mr Christofias had agreed on certain terms during the intercommunal talks. However, all agreed steps are going to be replaced and put on a hold by the new two Leaders. The leaders of both sides are not so keen on solving this proplem. Turkey controls the North.Turkey is directing and ruling the North Cyprus.Therefore, a real solution without to interest of Ankara will not be accepted. On the other hand , The Greek Cypriot Leader is playing for time. The Turkish Cypriot community is faced with another big issue. The uncontrolled growth of populations spoiles all sectors. Cheap labour is also a big proplem. It effects the standard of living. For your kind information,new ” Turkish Cypriot Citizens” are now more than the amount of the De-Jure.This is also a big headeche because it is directly effecting our democraticc elections. Also Chauvinism is rising in both sides. Delayed solutions helps chauvinist to play especially among yangs.


Dear Comrades,

For your kind information one of our Turkish Cypriot MP’s Dogus Derya made a speech in the parliment  last month and mentioned the brutal killing,rape and internal displacements during the intercommunal war and especially in 1974. When this speech was puplished in the daily papers, there had been numerous fascits who threatened her of death. She is strong and resented. United Cyprus Party made a direct annoucment and protested all fascits approach against her and her action. We also send our warmest solidarity and stated that she is not walking alone. We belive your support gived a great moral to her. We also belive that all Democratic Parties and Civilian Organisation must hold hands and walk together.


Above all brief information about the region and our country, we the Unitad  Cyprus Party, have made a good cooperation with the Social Democratic Party called TDP and other youth organisation called BARAKA in the municipalty ellection. Our common candidate Mr Harmancı won the Lefkosa Minicipality also with that cooperation first time in our history we had managed to achive two seats in the council. One in district of Omorfo the other is District of lefka. In one district our votes became nearly %10. In  Aprıl we will elect our president. Our party has also made a cooperation with an independent candidate,Mr Akıncı. He was the mayor of Lefkosa for sixteen years and he also was a party leader for so many years. He strongly supports peace and intercommunal talks. His vision is democracy,peace and Bı-Zonal, Bı-Communal,United and Federal Cyprus.


Dear Comredes,


I belive that the above information will be a road map for your kind view to the Cyprus Proplem.


Thank you ones more.


Salih R. Sonustun


Secretary of the International Relations of BKP