Dear Comrades, and

Our patriotic members who set their hearts on BKP, and

Distinguished guests of our Third General Meeting,

Welcome to the Meeting of our Party.


Today, representatives of AKEL, DISI, DIKO, EDEK, EDI, Cyprus Green Party and EPALXI from the other half of our country and CTP, TDP, YKP and KSP from the Turkish Cypriot political parties and chairmen and representatives of  many unions and NGOs are with us. Additionally, Mrs. Oksana Tomova, Ambassadress of  Slovak Republic graces us with her presence. We thank her for this honour and privilege.


Since its foundation in 2002, our party had put forth the target of acting as pioneer for the sake of the unification of our country, Cyprus. Without discriminating our folk as Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites and Latins and by placing all of them in our policy, our party had hoisted the flag of peace and democracy for the future of our country and the integration of the entire labour.


Being a patriotic force located always in the leading flight in the struggle for the independence of Cyprus and for getting free from the status quo and for the reunification of our country, we have always valued the benefits of our people above everything. We have always been in the first flight for the protection of the social and political attainments of our people with our struggle, our devotions and by taking part near the labour. We have substantially contributed for the social progress, democratisation and modernisation of  the people of Cyprus. We have always proved that we are a political power with seriousness, reliability and responsibility. W ith determination and courage, we became the foregrounding and defending power for the sake of the interests of Cyprus and Cypriots.


With its dissertations on Cyprus problem, BKP precipitated the once again affiliation movements and led the way for the movements which will reunite our country within the framework of a bicommunal and bizonal federation and rescue Cyprus from the current status quo. With the activities we have organized, we have worked unceasingly for eliminating the mistrustfulnesses among the two communities arising from the past and for the improvement of the understanding of shacking up.


BKP has always stood near the labour and the labourers. It always took sides near the labourers, peasantry and the oppressed; resisted and will always resist all kinds of exploitation. We are endeavouring for a world in which the peace and social justice of the left will be dominant against neo-liberalism, globalisation of the monopolies and the “new world order”.


One of the most important attacks faced by the peoples of the world is the neo-liberalist assault. It is the actual capitalism in the disguise of neo-liberalism, which has an intention to take revenge not only from socialism, but from the world labour movement also.


This attack is directed frontally. In order to get free from its despondence, it struggles for destroying the rights and acquisitions of the labour which had been gained by long term endeavour. A thorough solidarity of the world labour power is inevitable against this attempt. BKP accepts this as an assignment. We shall continue being in the widest solidarity with the labour powers both domestically and internationally. BKP believes in the development of collaboration and coordination of the activities of the regional and worldwide leftist progressive powers.


Dear Comrades,


The struggle of the Cypriot folk for independence and liberty was difficult and bitter. Still, we do not have a really independent, united and free country. Trials and tribulations are going on. The coup d’etat launched by the fascist Greek junta on 15 July, 1974 and the subsequent military intervention of Turkey gave Cyprus nothing but agony. There were casualties, we lost the beloved ones, there are still many missing persons and our country is divided into two. Cyprus is still a slave.


Poet Neşe Yaşın defines this situation perfectly with her poem; “They say that people should love their homeland / That’s also what my father often says / My homeland has been divided in two / which of the two pieces should I love?” We love both of the halves as a whole and search for the ways to reunite them. Our agonies will be cured when we achieve this goal. We shall rest only at that time. We shall pay our debts to our beloved ones who had lost their lives for the sake of democracy and freedom, only at that time. The sole and exclusive remedy is to liberalise and integrate our country. There is no other way.


We don’t adopt the resolution model of bicommunal and bizonal federation because it is an ideal solution, we adopt it because it is the best possible model under these circumstances. We support the continuing negotiation process for the reunification with basis of political equity as it is defined in the related decisions of the UN Security Council under a single bizonal and bicommunal federal roof.


Our goal must be living together with a functional and honourable agreement which will never lead to agonies for Cypriots. Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and other minorities can live fraternally in a free, independent and united country by showing respect to each other’s rights. We must assist each other by putting the future of the people of Cyprus in the centre of politics. We must continue expecting respect to this goal from the entire world.


Turkey and Greece will exist always. We must see them as two fraternal folks and be in good relations with them. But, they also must know that Cyprus is an independent state and the common native land of all the Cypriots. In brief, everybody will be aware, understand and be respectful to the fact that this country belong to us.


My dear fellow comrades,


We want our party to play a uniting and assembling role in this ongoing organized struggle of ours. Once more, we remember with respect the memories of Ayhan Hikmet, Muzaffer Gürkan, Derviş Ali Kavazoğlu, Kostas Mişavuli, Fazıl Önder, Ahmet Yahya, Ahmet İbrahim, Savas Manikos, Yannis Yuannu, Kutlu Adalı, Özker Özgür and many other patriots who, before us struggled for the unification of our country and lost their lives for the sake of this noble task.


We still hear the words of Özker Özgür, one of the founders of our party; “I believe and will go on believing the unity of the labour, the integrity of our country, the fraternity of our communities, the federal solution in the basis of political equity and the human rights of each and every Cypriot.” His memory will continue guiding our struggle. We hereby and once more remember with respect our Özker Hoca and his late wife, our party member Zehra Özgür.


Dear Members,


The struggle for liberation always goes together with the struggle for democracy. Our faith in freedom, democracy and internationalism necessitates us to stand by near the oppressed people of the world such as the ones in Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. We believe in the fraternity of the peoples of the world wholeheartedly.




The goings-on in today’s world which had been transformed into a large village because of globalisation are effecting us directly. Cyprus is a small spot on the world. Very great problems are created because of  United States of America in the first place and its allies, feeling themselves free in imposing their “new world order”. We are facing a new imperialist world order in which the destiny of the world and its peoples is determined with the strategical, geopolitical and economical interests of the United States and its friends. We are facing a new world order in which international law, independence, territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the states are arbitrarily humiliated and oppressed. This can never be accepted.


Everything is accomplished under the name of counter terrorism. We deprecate terrorism definitely. Because, besides its resulting of deaths of innocent people, it doesn’t help the national and social independence struggles of the people. However, while condemning the terror, imperialism which creates and feeds the terror becomes global and this causes hunger and misery, racism, religious fanatism, social injustice, oppression and all sorts of violation of international law. With the presence of this injustice, it is not possible to accept the invasion of countries with the excuse of bringing peace and freedom to them.


Comrades, finally, I want to mention something about the domestic political situation.


Unfortunately, the circumstances are not pleasant. Following the military intervention of 1974, the state of the Republic of Turkey took the control of the northern part of Cyprus and created a dependant lower management. The created status quo ruptured Turkish Cypriots from production and made them dependant to Turkey.


Governments in Ankara and the secessionist regime formed in the northern part of Cyprus conveyed population to Cyprus against the principles of the international law, changed the demographical structure and led Turkish Cypriots towards extinction.


Establishments belonging to Turkish Cypriots were made available for the benefits of Islamic capital under the name of privatization; AKP of Turkey who deepens poverty and tries to make fundamentalism dominant in our country by sunni impositions and its collaborationist, the UBP government are trying to perpetuate the dividedness of Cyprus, sweep away the Turkish Cypriots and colonize the northern part of Cyprus.


All the political parties in our parliament have their signatures under the imposed economical destruction packages.


Turkish Cypriots have succumbed to management with instructions instead of stepping forward for self-determination, democratisation and demilitarisation. They stayed mere spectator for population transfer, assimilation and submission of our social assets.


All these system parties continue playing their government games within the boundaries drawn by AKP.


BKP refuses to involve with politics within these drawn boundaries.


We contravene;

-Playing the games of democracy and government,

-Imposed economical destruction packages,

-Submission of our social assets,

-Population transfer and assimilation policies,

-Being governed by instructions,

-Separatist and patriarchal exploitation,

-Disrespect to Turkish Cypriot existence, identity and will,

-The policy of ‘Ankara decides, Nicosia applies’.


We continue struggling for;

-Taking back our extortive political will,

-Rejecting the imposed economical destruction packages,

-Saying “This land is our land, we shall govern it!” and self-determination.


We continue struggling for reaching an early federal resolution.


We continue struggling for a common, united native land and we shall sustain our struggle undauntedly, fearlessly and determinedly until the end.


Finally, let’s salute the brave offspring of the fellow people of Turkey who are resisting for peace, democracy abd freedom in Gezi Park and all over Turkey.


We salute the fellow people of Turkey who sacrifice their lives for the sake of disallowing the fascism of AKP.


We salute our comrades in the dungeons.


-Long live the fraternity of the peoples !


-Long live peace and socialism !


– Long live United Cyprus !


-Long live BKP Social Existence Powers !