To unify the people’s struggle for democracy, peace and social justice from the South to the North

Yazan |9 Mart, 2015|

The Second Mediterranean Conference of the LEFT
Istanbul, February 20 – 22, 2015
To unify the people’s struggle for democracy, peace and social justice from the South to the North
The Mediterranean Conference of the Left held its second meeting in Istanbul in 20 to 22 February 2015, at a very turbulent time full of wars and confusion, […]

Latest developments in the northern part of Cyprus

Yazan |26 Ocak, 2015|


On behalf of my party United Cyprus Party I would like to thank you for your kind invitation to Berlin and wish you a very succesful meeting. We strongly belive that all taken decsicions in this building will shine a light to the European Left.


Dear Comrades,


We all know that our country Cyprus has been wounded […]

Opening Speech of İzzet İzcan the President of BKP on the Occasion of the Third General Meeting of BKP.

Yazan |26 Ocak, 2015|

Dear Comrades, and

Our patriotic members who set their hearts on BKP, and

Distinguished guests of our Third General Meeting,

Welcome to the Meeting of our Party.


Today, representatives of AKEL, DISI, DIKO, EDEK, EDI, Cyprus Green Party and EPALXI from the other half of our country and CTP, TDP, YKP and KSP from the Turkish Cypriot political parties […]

Joint statement of AKEL and the BKP on the ongoing developments in the Cyprus Problem

Yazan |23 Ocak, 2015|

AKEL and BKP express their deep concern regarding the ongoing crucial developments in Cyprus and call the people of Cyprus in a joint struggle for overcoming the deadlock and moving forward for achieving our main vision for peace, freedom and reunification through a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem.

The two Parties recall that whenever Greek-Cypriot […]

BKP was at the BDP’s congress

Yazan |25 Aralık, 2014|

“We understand the problems of the Kurdish people, and as United Cyprus Party we continue to stand on common struggle and the solidarity with Peace and Democracy Party and labor and democratic forces in Turkey”
United Cyprus Party’s General Secretary Mr.İzzet İzcan and UCP’s Secretary of Organization Mr. Abdullah Korkmazhan, attended Peace and Democracy Party’s […]

United Cyprus Party support ten thousand prisoners who are initiated recyclable hunger strike in seventy six prisons in Turkey

Yazan |25 Aralık, 2014|

AKP government sends for Nazis’ Germany with its oppressive and fascist practices in Turkey. The AKP, arrest and throw in jail the politicians, trade unionists, journalist and intellectuals who opposed the regime under the law of Fighting Terrorism. The basic human rights, the freedom of thought and expression trespasses.
United Cyprus Party declared that, they […]

The Political, Economical and Social Situation in the northern part of Cyprus

Yazan |21 Nisan, 2013|

Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and all Cypriots pay heavy costs as a result of the dead lock of the Cyprus issue. Turkish Cypriots face the impositions of Ankara and Greek Cypriots face the impositions of Europe and Troika.
The dead- lock of the Cyprus issue is deepened with each day that passes without a solution.

The […]

The United Cyprus Party’s press conference which was at the entrance of Turkish Embassy in Nicosia to pay attention and express solidarity to political prisoners’ hunger strike have been tried to prevent by the police.

Yazan |7 Kasım, 2012|

The Turkish Embassy officials refused to take the letter that have been prepared to send to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After that United Cyprus Party delegation sent the letter from Kaymaklı Post office in Nicosia. United Cyprus Party’s press conference had been tried to prevent by the hundreds of police. But United Cyprus […]