Since the April 2015, important developments have occurred in Cyprus.

The Turkish Cypriot Community went to the ballot box on the 19th of April 2015 to elect their new leader. However, due to the fact that no candidate was able to obtain the necessary votes in the first round, the second round took place between anti solution nationalist candidate Derviş Eroğlu and the pro federal solution independent candidate Mustafa Akıncı who was supported by the United Cyprus party alongside many other progressive and pro solution sections of the community.  In the second round Mustafa Akıncı won the election with 60.5% of the votes was elected as the new community leader of the Turkish Cypriot Community.

By voting for Mustafa Akıncı, 60.5% of the Turkish Cypriot community accepted an early federal solution and a reunified Cyprus and buried the anti-solution pro status quo section of the community in the ballot box.  With the political will demonstrated by the Turkish Cypriots for a solution and with Mustafa Akıncı’s election victory the comprehensive solution negotiations were restarted and together with Greek Cypriot Leaders Nikos Anastasiadis important steps have been taken with a rather constructive understanding.  In a short period of time, both leaders have been able to implement many confidence building measures and have been able to maintain hopeful developments in the negotiation process.

The extent of economic destruction in the northern part of Cyprus is growing deeper as each day passes. Ankara, the Troika of Turkish Cypriots, continues to impose neo liberal economic packages and exert pressure for the implementation of austerity and privatisation measures. Turkish Cypriots are growing increasingly poorer and attempting escape through migration.

Alongside economic impositions the systematic population transfer policies also continue and the attempt to alter the demographic structure of Turkish Cypriots continues. The regressive AKP Government in Turkey is in a quest to find means of exerting the Sunni Islamic lifestyle on to the northern part of Cyprus. To give a concrete example, the number of students who attended Quran lessons last year was 1500 and this year this figure has reached 5000. Alongside all of these, the number of night clubs (brothels) and Casinos continues to increase and the drugs and women’s trafficking that occurs is rapidly turning our country into Turkey’s back yard. As a result the mafia and gun shootings have begun to occur.


The United Cyprus Party considers the only way out of this distorted structure to be an early and comprehensive solution to the Cyprus Problem.