President of the United Cyprus Party İzzet İzcan, congragulated Alexis Chipras the chairman of Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA), who brought a historic victory in general election  held in Greece   yesterday.

İzzet İzcan in his greeting message underlined that SYRIZA’s electoral success creates stronger hope for struggle of the working class in Greece and the rest of the oppressed classes in the European Union. Mr. İzcan conveyed wormest solidarity and wishing them in every success.

United Cyprus Party chairman İzcan assessed  the election result with the victory of SYRIZA in Greece. İzcan said  United Cyprus Party and Syriza have struggled against the exploitation for many years in the group of EL Party.He also stated that it was a great joy of Syriza’s victory.

İzcan stated that Greek people  took a part a great reaction against EU Leadership , Troika and Greek Bourgeoisie which means exploitation.At the end Greek working Class and the  alliance carried Syriza  a major party in Greece. İzcan emphasized that the wave of change which start in Greece, will affect the whole  Europe.

Left and progressive force’s alliance and collective struggle brought the success

İzcan noted that, The most important reason behind the success of SYRİZA is the collective struggle.

According to Mr.İzcan  Syriza has achieved a great success with in a very limited time by increasing the ratio of Greek vote from %2.5 percent to the rulling party. İzcan also stated that the only way to bring peace  in our country is through the collective struggle.

İzcan underlined that, United Cyprus Party will continue to collaburate with SYRIZA.